Applied Behavioral Design Certificate

Applied Behavioral Design Certificate

Rachel Abbott

Achieved: 03 Dec 2020 Issued: 17 Jan 2021 Expires: Does not expire


This certificate demonstrates completion of training on the behavioral design process from concept to final product; tools used in applied behavioral science and interactive design; and strategies for behavioral project management drawing on organizational psychology. It further certifies participation in tutorials and submission of templates that demonstrate the skills required to adapt psychological and emotional design strategies to prototyping tools; build a behavioral insight report focused on audience outcomes, psychometric segmentation, and theory-based design; and implement online behavioral products and campaigns.


This certificate is awarded for completing the Applied Behavioral Design (ABD) tutorials and submitting behavioral design specifications. The classroom edition provides 13 hours of tutorials over 2-days, while the online edition provides 13.5-hours of tutorials over 9-weeks with significant coursework.

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